Wednesday, March 28, 2012

t's picks: april '12 for J. Crew

Sooooo, I'm not sure where the April catalogue is online for J. Crew and I'm really hoping it isn't being permantely replaced with these style guides. I haven't recieved either in the mail, and all I've got to show is a pic of the cover (see above). Has anyone recieved this style guide this month? Is it any different from the monthly catalogues?
Personally, Spring and early summer catalogues are always my favs for J. Crew; the bright colors, fun patterns, and cute shoes make my heart skip a beat! Here are some my favorites from the recent new arrivals, but there aren't any items I'm interested enough in to purchase this month :) yay!

this color combination is delicious! like cotton candy!

Really love this new take on traditional stripes.

Love this color and eyelet is my signature material for summer!

Adoring how this pattern looks with the dotty shorts.
but is it just me or is $444 for a silk tee completely insane?

loving all things dotty lately, and the ruffly top of these shorts
are too adorable to handle! and I feel like these are almost work appropriate

Such a cute pattern for a maxi!


So let's get down to the best part about this month:  Outfit Inspiration
Oh me! Oh my!

What are your favorites from the April Rollout?
Did you score a catalogue/style guide?



Totally missed out on J. Crew's maritime dress last summer (and was really bummed about it)  but I was at the Gap yesterday and lookey what I scored! This striped shift dress is so similar :D annnnnd I scored it with a 30% off discount so it was about $45. Very happy with it. I even like that the cotton is quite heavy, but comfortable. Can't wait to wear it!


  1. I got the catalog last night and told the hubs to hide it before I could look through it and be tempted :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. I love all these looks. JCrew does an amazing job. My favorite is the cover with the coral and lovely

  3. What an adorable dress! Glad you found a similar one that you still love! :) Can't wait to see you wear it! And amazing picks! You and your style seriously just belongs in a JCrew catalog :) I'm loving the outfit with the floppy hat and polka dot shorts!


  4. These are great casuals. I especially love the engineered stripe maxi dress. Hope all is well with you!
    Have a fab Wednesday xoxo

  5. wirklich toll :)

  6. Ooo, thanks for the head's up on the striped Gap dress! I actually like it better than the J Crew version.

  7. Great looks, preppy with a twist. I love those polka dot shorts... Then I read they were $444 (what a random price point) that's completely nuts!!! Still love them though! I dint get the catalogue so I can't comment.

  8. Love nautical stripes right now with white pants!

    Thanks! hope you check out my Spring posting.

    Monica <3

  9. Jealous of your striped dress...tried to snag one for myself from Gap and the nfrom Old Navy but missed both :( Love the inspiration for denim on denim...gotta try that this spring!!!

    <3 Cambria

  10. Really nice outfits!


  11. FYI- I don't know if you live anywhere near a J Crew outlet, but I was at the one near me last week and they had the striped dress there! In red & blue! I saw a girl wearing the blue one walking around the store and someone asked her where she got it, and she was like oh I got it here! And sure enough, they had it in multiple colors! If you can, you should try to check it out :)


    1. Thanks for letting me know this! Unfortunately I don't but now that I snagged this Gap one I don't have to worry about it. So glad you shared this info tho :)

  12. I went into J.Crew this past weekend and nearly had a heart attack at all of the awesome stuff!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. I just got my catalog this week, so maybe yours is still on the way? I LOVE that pink cashmere sweater - there's just something so easy-going about it that I'm drawn to. Also - I saw those branch hairclips you pinned and had to have them. I just placed my order! :)

    1. bwahahah! I love that you did! I really want to buy them too :)

  14. ooo those yellow are too cute .. and the polka dot shorts!! Oh, I just want it all!! :)

    xx Katrina

  15. I always love everything from J.Crew, too bad my wallet can't afford them all! I think my favorite are the polka dot shorts

    xo Gillie

  16. I'm loving all these outfits!! If you get a chance, check out my latest post about my giveaway! It's a good one:)

  17. I love the polka dot shorts and the floppy hat. And, together...SO cute!


  18. Loving the new looks! Obsessed with the popover top!


  19. Nice picks!


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